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    “women are weaklings!”

    i’m strong enough to carry

    your corpse to the woods

    this haiku is my favorite haiku

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    The Scene Where Every Person Watching Rizzoli & Isles Should Have Been Convinced That There’s More To This Friendship

    I really want to address an issue I’ve been seeing around when it comes to shipping Jane and Maura. Someone mentioned a double standard, unable to understand why when two women are close they’re automatically “lesbian lovers" as opposed to two men who are close being automatically assumed as a "really cool brotherly friendship.

    This post is to explain the fact that not all Rizzles shippers are horny ignorant fangirls/boys and want to see them together just for shallow reasons.

    This post, also, coincidentally talks about the moment I began to ship Jane and Maura as a couple. Because this is when I began to truly see the depth of their relationship.

    Let me tell you something about Charles Hoyt (the veiny, deteriorating man wielding a scalpel in the photoset). He just doesn’t murder people. He murders couples - he ties the husbands up and makes them watch as he rapes their wives. He sets a tea cup on their knees so he knows of the exact moment when and if they decide to be brave by moving. And when he’s done with the wives, he makes them watch as he kills their husbands.

    He’s evidently and undoubtedly fucked up.

    He also tried to kill Jane four times. The first time, he whacked her in the head with a piece of wood, nailed both her hands to the ground by stabbing a scalpel in the middle of each of her palms and nearly slit her throat open. The second time, he had his apprentice trick her into thinking her neighbour had been killed and asked her to identify the body in the bag only for it to be Hoyt himself (sur-fucking-prise), tasering her before driving off into the middle of God knows where. The third time, he let out the wife of one of his victim’s from nearly two years ago (who had full-fledged Stockholm Syndrome), had her seduce Jane’s brother, Frankie, and convince him to bring her over to her apartment to cook them dinner (aka tie Frankie up in Jane’s bedroom and wait for her to come home and hold her at gunpoint). 

    So yeah, he’s pretty fucking scary. Especially to Jane.

    The fourth and final time he tried to kill Jane was in this photoset right here on his deathbed. He grabbed her by the neck and cut into her throat before moving onto Maura. But don’t you remember? Hoyt just doesn’t murder people - he murders couples. He murders couples that evidently love each other. Otherwise, the fun he has in raping the wife would be pointless. He would have done the same thing to Maura if Jane hadn’t suddenly found the strength to do all of what she did. And despite the fact that she says she’s not scared of him… she’s scared of him.

    When he was crouched over Jane telling her how he always finishes what he starts, she’s frozen with fear. But the way every muscle in her face shifted when she heard Maura cry changed everything. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Because it’s then when she realized that it just wasn’t her, but the woman who’d done nothing to deserve such torture was also in the room. With Hoyt. Her fear evolved into something greater than the end of her life. And Hoyt sees that. He sees how Maura is her weakness. His face in the third GIF says it all.

    Most people would turn away or cry, but Jane doesn’t. She overcomes her fear of the man who has been trying to kill her for two years. She overcomes it for Maura. And she doesn’t say things like, “Kill me instead and let her live!" She says, "No! Hoyt don’t you touch her. No, stop it!" She headbutts that guard, kicks him in the groin and well, the rest if above for you to see. 

    No, I don’t ship Jane and Maura because they’re two attractive women who would look good in bed together. I don’t ship them because I’m a fangirl and have nothing better to do with my life. I don’t ship them (but it does add to the fact) because of all their lingering stares and more-than-friendly touches (the pilot alone is enough to get you drunk if you play the R&I Drinking Game).

    I ship them because of what this scene embodies and how far they’d go for one another.

    Also, the fact that in the last two GIFs Jane looks over to see if Maura is okay before she even lets herself cry…

    I rest my case. 





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  • When you’re looking for fanfics and



    "Warnings: Major character death—"


    "Half of your OTP x OC—"


    "Unfinished. Last time updated: 358451 years a—"


    "Starts with your OTP—


    —but eventually NOTP”



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    Probably one of the best costumes from the con that I’ve seen.

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    Nikki felt the weight of the month of mornings she had faced without Rook.

    Heat Rises by Richard Castle, Chapter 2

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    Is the alphabet called the alphabet because the first two letters in the Greek alphabet are alpha and beta?


    Are there literally 75,000 people who did not realize this?

    Get the fuck off your high horse yes clearly that many people didn’t know that about the fucking Greek alphabet sit down and shut the fuck up

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    there is an undeniable


    similarity between


    these two


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    GAY? Yes.

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